Once event sessions are complete, full recordings will be accessible here.


Keynote Address by David Simon and “The Crime of Genocide under International Criminal Law”  by William Schabas

Panel on Genocide in Education with Stuart Abrams, Erna Alić, Dr. Glenn Mitoma, and Claire Sarnowski

Workshop on Cultural Genocide with Eli Szydlo

1 - Cultural Destruction Workshop

Panel on Language after Genocide with Predrag Dojčinović, Lynne Tirrell, and Helena Ivanov

“Genocide Today: The Rohingya of Myanmar” by Ellen Kennedy (not recorded)

“Ethnic Cleansing is a Term for Genocide Denial” with Gregory Stanton and Jennifer Kirby-McLemore

Panel on Genocide Remembrance and Movie Discussion (Quo vadis, Aida?) with Arnesa Buljušmic-Kustura, Tatjana Milovanović, and Dr. David Pettigrew