The inaugural rendition of the University of Connecticut's annual student-run Human Rights Symposium will be taking place this spring, from Monday, April 19th, to Friday, April 23rd. As a land-grant and flagship institution, the University of Connecticut takes great pride in upholding its responsibility to the community of the Nutmeg State. Therefore, over the course of five days, UConn's Human Rights Symposium will invite both students and the public to join free of cost in a virtual space for dialogue, information sharing, and progress within the sphere of global and local human rights. Each day will feature a designated focus, with corresponding student-organized events that aim to more accessibly reinvest knowledge, resources, and opportunities into our broader community. Among these events will be sessions for free legal advice, interactive workshops, town-hall-style conversations, and panels that encourage intersectional and intergenerational consideration of many of our community's most pressing concerns. We invite the people of Connecticut to join us as we work to move forward together.